Faculty Committees


Traci Baxley Curriculum, Culture and Educational Inquiry
Dilys Schoorman Curriculum, Culture and Educational Inquiry
Hani Zinuddin Curriculum, Culture and Educational Inquiry
Maysaa Barakat Educational Leadership & Research Methodology
John Hardman Educational Leadership & Research Methodology
Amanda Cuevas Educational Leadership & Research Methodology, Appreciative Education
Joe Waters Office of Academic and Student Affairs
Melissa Mariani Counselor Education
Carol Tessel Communication Sciences and Disorders
Rina Bousalis Teaching & Learning
Charles Dukes Exceptional Student Education
Michael Zourdos Exercise Science & Health Promotion
Laura Cushing Accreditation and Assessment

Ex Officio

Valerie Bristor Dean
Eliah Watlington Associate Provost, Jupiter Campus
Patty Kirsch Accreditation and Assessment
Barbara Ridener Teaching & Learning
Bob Shockley Educational Leadership & Research Methodology
Last modified: December 08 2016.